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Dittu & Son Garments is one of the leading manufacturing concern of fashion garments in Pakistan. With an annual turnover of 5 million USD, we are determined to bring the highest quality products to our customers at competitive rates.

With a large team of experienced and capable workers, we produce more than 1,320,000 pieces of international quality garments annually.

We have a vast experience in Garments and Fashion embroideries and employee a team of highly qualified, skilled and dedicated professionals, with creative ideas and broader intellectual horizons, who use modern development tools and state-of-the-art technology in almost all the areas of our production life cycle.

Dittu & Son Garments is continually improving, providing better products to customers and moving confidently into the new millennium. We thinks in terms of broad perception, keeps an open mind towards our aspiration and to the world of business.

At Dittu & Son Garments, it is our priority to satisfy our customers. Focusing on quality, efficiency and reliability, we ensure that our customers receive the highest quality product, on time. Customer satisfaction is our priority and we do our best to ensure it.




Dittu & Son Garments is a sister concern of Dittu & Son Co Ltd, which was originally formed as food processing concern and have over a hundred year old legacy.

We established Dittu & Son Garments in 1970 as an extension to family business.  Started as a knitwear facility, we recognized the potential in developing domestic and international markets for fashion products and in 1980s we promote ourselves in fashion and casual wear garments.

This doesn’t come easily; it requires total dedication, incessant quality, expertise and commitment to meet our customer’s demands on time and every time. With hard work and enthusiastic, we have received our target and now Dittu & Son Garments are one of the most reputable garment manufacturer’s in Karachi Pakistan.

Our main purpose is to provide fashionable products for the domestic and international market by processing and designing styles as required.




The owners are managing the company themselves since they are engaged in the said business for more than 3 decades. Their names and respective titles are given below.


  1. Mr Altaf Rahman  ( Founder and CEO)
  2. Mr Harris Rahman Dittu  (Managing Director)
  3. Mr. Farooq Rahman Dittu (Director Finance)
  4. Mr. Usman Rahman Dittu (Designing consultant)

Senior staff members:

    1.  Mr. Shahid Hussain ( Factory Manager)

    2.  Mr. Kamran Noor (Merchandiser)

    3.  Mr. M Aslam (Pattern Master)


Quality Assurance


The entire building and other infrastructure has been inspected and approved for the fire and safety



  1. STR (Standard Research Technology)
  2. WRAP (in-process)
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